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Welcome to our homeschool projects pages! We have published some of our homework assignments, term papers, essays and research reports on Costa Rica wildlife, rainforest species and earth science.

Rather than sort it by the grade level of the homework assignments and essays, we just wanted to present it as some really cool stuff about the rainforest animals that we have studied. The best part of living in Costa Rica is that we actually get to see and study these animals! §

Kids Activities

Family Vacation in Costa Rica
Family Vacation in the Rainforest

Bringing your Family to Costa Rica

Whether you are bringing your family for vacation, or moving to Costa Rica permanently, parents with children have special considerations.

Looking for advice and tips?  Join our Forum and ask other families about the best places to visit, where to stay, and things to do with the kids. Chat about Rainforest animals, earth science and expat homeschooling in Costa Rica. We also have a section of WILDLIFE PHOTOS

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Bridge over a Rainforest Creek

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Trade information, homework help, advice about expat homeschooling, essays and term papers, recommendations for families on vacation, rainforest wildlife conservation and environmental watchdog agencies.


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Ecosystems, environment, geology, earthquakes and volcanoes in Costa Rica.

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Class materials sorted by grade level. Rainforest animals quizzes and worksheets with teachers class assignments.

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Children's Classic Literature by Twain, Bronte, Fitzgerald, Hawthorne, Thoreau and more.

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