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Pictures, images and photos of wildlife are available in many places on the web. We choose to use photos we have taken personally, or that we have purchased from stock photography suppliers. Many of these suppliers provide free photos, and some charge a nominal fee for download. We always try to make sure that the photos of rainforest wildlife that we use are royalty-free and not under copyright.  §


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Definitions of Stock Photography

Photos that are not taken for a specific client or use. These pictures are saved and catalogued for review and selection by someone who may later have a use for the image.

Stock photography is photos or other imagery of animals, common places, and events that can be used and re-used for commercial purposes. These may later be purchased and used by web designers, book and magazine publishers, or advertising agencies to use as stock photography to fulfill the needs of their creative articles and assignments.   

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Ecosystems, environment, geology, earthquakes and volcanoes in Costa Rica.

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Class materials sorted by grade level. Rainforest animals quizzes and worksheets with teachers class assignments.

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Children's Classic Literature by Twain, Bronte, Fitzgerald, Hawthorne, Thoreau and more.

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