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                              Squirrel in Costa Rica

Unique Species

Various mammals which might seem less exotic to tourists, but are nevertheless unique to Central America, are some species of raccoons, opossums, and squirrels.

Opossum in Costa Rica

Costa Rican raccoons (mapache in Spanish)  look and act in a similar way than their northern relatives, but they are a different species.

Brocket Deer in Costa Rica

There are also white-tailed deer and brocket deer which are smaller than some other species; they prefer the dry forest areas as their habitat, such as the La Amistad International Park of Costa Rica.


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Interesting Mammals in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is indeed a "rich coast" (as its name suggests) when it comes to its biodiversity. However, the country doesn't offer a large quantity of mammals as other places do. There are 200 species of mammals, half of which are bats. There are several exotic mammals that may not be so abundant, but they're still fascinating.




Some of the more unusual mammal species include the agouti and paca, which are small rodents. The adorable coatimundi (pizote), and kinkajou are known to be just as mischievous as their raccoon and weasel cousins. And of course, sloths tapirs, anteaters, and armadillos are interesting.

Wild pigs or peccaries can display very aggressive behavior, and since they forage in packs, it's advisable to climb up a tree when encountering them. Not all peccaries will attack, but their temperament is hot and unpredictable sometimes.  §



Costa Rica Coatimundi
Coatimundi (Pizote)

Bats, which make up half of all of the species of mammals, vary in size, appearance and diet. The largest ones are fruit eaters, while the notorious vampire bats are among the smallest.

The fascinating fishing bulldog bat of Tortuguero fishes with a radar system that detects ripples in the water that are produced by fish; having located its prey, the bat plunges down and grabs the fish with its claws. §

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Protection and Animal Rescue Centers

Even though Costa Rica doesn't have as many mammals as insects, reptiles or birds, the country does offer unique and fascinating mammals. Whether they are the more common monkeys or the shy and endangered tapirs or manatees, these creatures are being appreciated for their biological value, and efforts are being made by foreigners and locals to secure their survival.  §

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